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Sovereign AutoSports

Not your average vehicle place, we want our customers to be able to enjoy the upgrades on their vehicles without having to decide if they can still buy gas to go show it off. What's listed here is just the surface of what we offer, and we are not limited to cars, but included motorcycles, trucks, suv's, and whatever else "drives" you..

We'll buy your car that's not being used...

Have a vehicle that's just sitting in your driveway? would you like to get more for it than those junk car buyers? We offer good prices for you vehicle so that you can clear your yard and at the same time help someone in need (we fix up the cars for others in need of personal transportation). Purchase price depends on condition of vehicle, contact us now!!!

Specialized Ceramic Coating Protection for your vehicle...

Have a vehicle that you want to survive the harsh elements? Want it to retain value? We offer specialized ceramic coating for your vehicle that not only protects the vehicle, but almost eliminates getting it washed. As an add-on to this service, the coating is certified and can be placed in your vehicle's CarFax report for sustained value (3+ year coating), we offer unbeatable pricing for your needs (listed below), give us a call!!!

General Mechanics...and more

We offer a wide range of general mechanic services, such as tune-ups, brakes and rotors, alternators, starters, and diagnostics. We have merchandise and custom automotive products as well, something that will make your vehicle standout from everyone else. If we don't have it, we can get it, or have it custom made.

What our customers are saying

They're available at almost anytime, quick informative, honest and the prices beat these shops that try to take your money and time.

William, multi-car owner

Ceramic Coating Prices

See what's the best fit for your budget and needs

9-12 month protection

up to$250

average per vehicle

savings of up to $300 a year for car washes

Gloss finish

Good for those with a limited budget, or just the skeptics.  You'll notice yourself just driving by the carwash.

You will be booking your next appointment in 9 months, and will want to go with the 3 year protection!

Let's get you started, contact us now!

3 year protection


average per vehicle

Comes with CarFax registration card for your vehicles report, just like adding an alarm system upgrade!

High gloss finish

Maintains the gloss look, while water, mud, and bird droppings can't stick to surface or destroy clearcoat or paint!

Saves you money, and brings up the visual and actual value of your vehicle!

Call for a consultation, it's free!

Interior protection

3 year


dash and seats 

(price based on average sedan)

*can be added to 3yr as package with $100 off total

No finish

Protects your interior from accidental spills, rainy days, and other elements that could ruin your interior.

Makes cleaning easy, and fights stains that could blemish your interior, extending the integrity and longevity of your interior!

Why wait for the next spill to happen, we're ready when you are!!!

Some of our work, builds and designs, before and afters, etc.

Older work we have done...

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